Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Heather, a mother of 3 (7 if you count my dear husband, Chad, and my 3 pups, Sally the Cocker Spaniel, Zeffie the Blue Tic Beagle and Ollie the Beagle). I have 2 girls and a boy Bailee, Ava and Maverick. They are my world as any mother would say, and they keep this family extremely busy. We have: competition dancing, wrestling, babysitting, choir and the list goes on and on of activities they participate in.

Zeffie was such a cute little puppy! Now she’s all grown up.

We currently live in a little town in Northwest Wisconsin. My hubby was born and raised in Wisconsin and has never left. Yet! I, however, grew up in the wonderful state of Iowa! Yes, where the cornfields grow and the smell of pig manure consumes the air. It’s really not that bad once you are used to it. I’ve actually grown to miss it believe it or not. It’s home and home always holds a special place in ones heart, even if it is cornfields and pig poop!

Note: I need a picture of our new Beagle, Ollie! Coming Soon…

My parents were full time workers plus entrepreneurs. They owned a small business in our small town and that is where I believe my love of cooking took off. I had already liked to cook, as I was the one in charge of my little sister while my parents were working their behinds off so we could be spoiled. Spoiled you ask? Yes we were spoiled! We grew up to be pretty awesome adults though, so my parents knew what they were doing! Besides cooking for my sister and my favorite little kids across the street that I babysat for a lot, I started cooking in my parent’s restaurant. Nothing fancy, just burgers and fries mostly. It must have been the whole commercial kitchen and the food prepping that did it for me. I just loved to chop food and prep all the food for the next day’s lunch special. It has just stuck with me ever since. I still love to cook and prep food and someday my kitchen will look more like a commercial one!

Now I’m in Wisconsin and I’m an entrepreneur, a garden and farm enthusiast, a scrapbooking queen, a skilled picture taker (no photographer yet!), and a lover of almost all foods, on top of being a busy Mom! I’ve owned 2 businesses, one was very successful and one was not, but I learned so much from both of them. I love gardening and my little hobby farm. Our little farm house is currently under construction and probably will be for awhile. There is always projects to do on the farm, and as frustrating as it gets, I wouldn’t change it. I like having the projects so I can do them or have my husband do them the way we (I) want. 🙂 I love scrapbooking the entire family’s special moments. I’ve been called artsy fartsy a lot! The albums are wonderful to have and the kids love to look back at them and see all the pictures and remember the moments. I am still learning all there is to know about picture taking, but it has now become a hobby of mine. I take my camera wherever I go.

This was shot in our hay field! Not too shabby! I’m gettin there…

You already know that I am a lover of almost all food! There are very few things I dislike, but I will share one with you… Olives! I detest olives, all olives. Not sure what it is about them, but I am not a fan. Other than that, I’ll eat almost anything or I will at least give it a try. This blog of mine is mainly about food. I love cooking and baking, and I always was getting requests to share my recipes, so I created a blog to have them all available to everyone! I just want to share my love of things with everyone else! So welcome to my kitchen, scrapbook table, farm, garden, blog and family!! Enjoy all I have to offer!

Heather's Homemade Kitchen



Photos of me and my family by the talented akatzmarkphotography

Photos of my kiddos done by yours truly!