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I have a love for making school lunches. I think its because I get to be creative. I will send little notes or surprise them with little treats. My kids take homemade lunches to school for 2 reasons…. 1. I want my kids to have healthy nutritious food and 2. Cafeteria food is full of processed food that we have decided not to eat anymore. I really focus on providing a balanced meal. Meaning, it needs to have something from almost each one of MY food groups: Protein, Fruit, Veggie and Whole grains.

Here are some sample lunches that I packed for my oldest, Bailee.

apple pb sands

Peanut Butter Apple sandwiches, whole wheat zucchini muffin, hard boiled egg whites, cucumbers. Snack: Banana and brown paper bag popped popcorn (Place a couple tablespoons of popcorn kernals in a brown paper lunch bag, fold over a couple times and microwave for 2-3 minutes until popping slows. Viola!)


Cold taco salad with corn and plain greek yogurt, cucumbers and homemade oatmeal strawberry bar. Snack: Apple and popcorn.


Peanut butter banana pancake sandwich, carrots with ranch, watermelon and homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Snack: Banana and whole wheat mini donuts.


Spinach, Blueberry and Banana smoothie pop, salad with cucumbers, parmesan cheese and olive oil, homemade applesauce, pistachios, mini pumpkin muffins and a piece of chocolate. Snack: String cheese and Trader Joe’s granola bar.


Tuna Salad with whole wheat sesame crackers, salad, cantaloupe and date cookie. Snack: Apple and homemade granola bar.