Welcome! Here is the basis to my blog! Cooking, baking, grilling, eating… you name it! If it has to do with food it will be posted here! We have decided as a family to cut out as many  processed foods as possible, and went to making most of our food homemade. I will admit I buy a few things for convenience like: Ketchup, Miracle Whip, Salad dressings (however, I’m working on this one!), Cereal (I only buy low sugar, plain cereals), Crackers (I usually only buy Triscuits and Annie’s brand for the kids) and Bread (I am still working on perfecting a sandwich bread recipe). On occasion I will buy some granola bars from Trader Joe’s however, most of the time I make my own so I can control the sugar amount and ingredient list. I hope you enjoy my recipes and all they have to offer.