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Tomato & Cucumber Salad

It’s a beautiful day here in Northwest Wisconsin! There was a thunderstorm last night and everything smells fresh this morning and the grass has bits of green in it now!! It amazes me what one good rain storm will do to the grass! Because I love the smell after a storm and the sun is shining I decided to share one of my favorite summer salads today! Summer is on its way and soon

Garden is ordered!!

This will be my dad in a few more months… Soooo pumped!! (Don’t mind the camera phone picture… I have since got a bit better with photos…) 🙂 This year my garden is going to be my 4th child! It is ordered and it is gong to be extensive!! Huge!!! Massive!!! I’m talking a field of sunflowers and a whole field of corn. Along with all the other fabulous goodies… Tomatoes, cucumbers (My daughter