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Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are a banana lover these Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies are the next best thing compared to original chocolate chip cookies! I love bananas! I love banana bread and banana muffins and banana pancakes and banana splits and well… you get the point… I love bananas and I love baking with bananas. They are such a good, hearty and healthy ingredient to add to baked goods. Plus, they pair well with other

Italian Almond Cookies

Cookie #6 are these amazing Italian Almond Cookies. I went back to my mother’s Italian background and made a special cookie! These are my 2nd favorite cookie for Christmas. They are like little pieces of soft eggy shortbread numminess! Yes, I just made some those names up, but they describe the cookies so perfectly! The recipe I found for these Italian Almond Cookies actually called for anisette and not almond. Anisette is the flavoring

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

Who doesn’t love a great sugar cookie cut out for Christmas? These are Santa’s favorite after all! This recipe is so simple and there is no chilling needed, which is why I really love it. I had my great aunt’s sugar cookie cut out recipe and I just tweeked a bit to make it easier and not as time consuming. Either way cut outs are time consuming, but it is a fun thing to consume your

Frosted Pumpkin Drop Cookies

Cookie 4 of the Christmas Cookie Countdown is what I call Frosted Pumpkin Drop Cookies. These are delicious and everyone loves them. Mainly because they are full of pumpkin deliciousness! I actually got the recipe out of a Christmas Cookie Taste of Home magazine. I actually have gotten quite of few recipes from that magazine and I will be sharing all those recipes during the countdown too. Stay tuned for some very yummy cookie