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Chad Cooks: Episode 2-Mini Pizza Meatloaves

Round TWO! Chad picked these lil mini pizza meatloaves to bake up for dinner for us! Before we get to the recipe let me explain my husband a bit… He is a meat and potato kind of guy. If he could choose the dinner every night, it would be burgers and fries. He ate so many burger and fries as a kid he ended up with the nick name “French Fry”. It actually is

Chad Cooks Series: 1. Grilled BBQ Chicken

There is a NEW Series coming to the blog… Chad Cooks! Chad, as you all may know, is my husband. He is a fantastic daddy, mechanic, dishwasher and many other things. One thing he is not, is a fantastic cook. He is a frozen pizza, box mac n cheese kind of cook. All food I have been trying to avoid as much as possible the last 3 years. So in an attempt to give