Italian Almond Cookies

Cookie #6 are these amazing Italian Almond Cookies. I went back to my mother’s Italian background and made a special cookie! These are my 2nd favorite cookie for Christmas. They are like little pieces of soft eggy shortbread numminess! Yes, I just made some those names up, but they describe the cookies so perfectly! The recipe I found for these Italian Almond Cookies actually called for anisette and not almond. Anisette is the flavoring

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

Who doesn’t love a great sugar cookie cut out for Christmas? These are Santa’s favorite after all! This recipe is so simple and there is no chilling needed, which is why I really love it. I had my great aunt’s sugar cookie cut out recipe and I just tweeked a bit to make it easier and not as time consuming. Either way cut outs are time consuming, but it is a fun thing to consume your

Frosted Pumpkin Drop Cookies

Cookie 4 of the Christmas Cookie Countdown is what I call Frosted Pumpkin Drop Cookies. These are delicious and everyone loves them. Mainly because they are full of pumpkin deliciousness! I actually got the recipe out of a Christmas Cookie Taste of Home magazine. I actually have gotten quite of few recipes from that magazine and I will be sharing all those recipes during the countdown too. Stay tuned for some very yummy cookie

Peanut Butter Temptations

OK readers… These Peanut Butter Temptations are my most popular cookie during this time of year. It is my hubby’s favorite, my Uncle Ken’s favorite, my hubby’s family’s favorite and my favorite little man’s favorite (that would be Maverick, my son). I have a confession about these cookies too… I stole the recipe from my mom, who I believed borrowed it from the back of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup holiday bag. However, I