Almond Butter Cookies

These are some yummy Almond Butter Cookies made special for my gluten free friends! There is no gluten, plus no eggs and no oil. Gluten free foods have become quite popular lately so it’s only fair that I create some baked items that are gluten free. I, myself, eat gluten. There are days I wish I had an intolerance so I wouldn’t eat so much bread. I have a bread addiction as well. I

Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Bread

Welcome to my “Baking Addiction” week! This week I am going to post all about baked goods! I love baking! A little too much sometimes… Thankfully, a lot of the the goods I bake are very freezer friendly. And if they’re not, I have family members who are always willing to sample for me! To start the week off, we are going with a good breakfast dish. This cake is absolutely delicious and healthy.