Apple Crisp Pie

This recipe is wrapping up the 2014 Tour de Apple! Out of all the fabulous apple recipes this pie was the winner. This recipe by far was the favorite among all my family! I took my apple crisp recipe and turned it into a pie and it was oh so divine. I mean it was really, truly, simply, completely, absolutely (I think I got em all) divine! The crust was crispy and sweet, and

Apple Fritter Loaf

Alright, who likes apple fritters? Like everybody!!! This recipe is the perfect replica of apple fritters but without the mess. While I was on my extended hiatus (I truly apologize it lasted longer than expected, but I got what I needed done and it’s back to posting every week now!) I tried this recipe instead of making the time consuming apple fritters.┬áMy dad loves apple fritters, but I didn’t want to spend that much