Darrell’s Apple Crisp

The third stop on the Tour de Apples is Darrell’s Apple Crisp. This Apple Crisp is one my dad’s favorite along with my family’s favorite. If you didn’t know already, Darrell is my dad! He loves his apple crisp paired with some vanilla ice cream! Who wouldn’t? This recipe was created by my Great Aunt Eb who raised my dad. She named it Darrell’s Apple Crisp because he loved it so ┬ámuch. She wrote

School Lunches Round Up I!!!

School lunches are in full force now and my kids make it very clear that they don’t want the same thing every day. I try really hard to give them a variety of stuff each week. So far, I have had no complaints! So, to give all you readers and lunch makers some inspiration I’ve compiled a collection of 25 school lunches. The possibilities are endless! Check out my post on the school lunch