Homemade Strawberry Jam with Canning Instructions

I absolutely LOVE Strawberries!! It was inherited from my dad who is also a huge strawberry lover. I have now passed down the love to my kiddos! Every year we go strawberry picking and make a TON of stuff with them including oatmeal bars, ice cream, smoothies, bread, muffins etc… First on the list is always Strawberry Jam! It is my kids’ favorite! Plus, did you know that it is pretty simple to can!

Chicken and Noodles

This dish is very popular among the kiddos. I made it often when I was running my day care business. Chicken and Noodles is a great dish to use up the leftover chicken in your fridge and create a whole new meal, or its just great to have on your menu too! Shall we get started with the easy, fabulous recipe? I think so! Chicken and Noodles Ingredients 1 lb chicken breast, cooked and cubed, or