Who’s ready for some recipes??? Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes!

Good morning and thank you all who have checked out my new blog!! Are y’all ready for some recipes??? You’re in luck, I have compiled a whole lotta material to share with you guys and I can’t wait to get started! So, here we go!! First up: since its a Monday morning and breakfast was just served at my house, it only makes sense to post my pancake recipe! My kids are in love

Welcome to Heather’s Homemade Kitchen!

Welcome to my new improved and revamped blog! With me it’s all about the homemade things in life, mostly food! I will post recipes, lunches, things on and around the farm including my garden and much much more! I’m so excited to start this new adventure and to bring you all along for the ride! Let’s go!!! Please go check out all the other pages and let me know what you think! Like me